Mixed Methods Research and Data Analysis

During this workshop, we will go over the basics of Mixed Methods research including design options, analysis challenges/solutions, and suggestions for writing up results.  We will look at, and discuss, exemplar mixed methods studies especially as they pertain to integrating qualitative and quantitative results.  There will also be a demonstration of MAXQDA – a data analysis software for qualitative and mixed methods research.

Dr. Lisa D. Bendixen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology & Higher Education. She received her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1998. She joined the UNLV faculty in 1999. Her research interests involve epistemic cognition/personal epistemology of students and teachers and how these beliefs influence learning, teaching, and teacher education. Currently, she is focusing on epistemic cognition change in the classroom. Dr. Bendixen has authored an edited book: Personal Epistemology in the Classroom and has chapters in the Handbook of Educational Psychology and the Handbook of Epistemic Cognition. She is an active member of AERA, EARLI and the Southwest Consortium for Innovative Psychology in Education (SCIPIE). She serves on several editorial boards including Contemporary Educational Psychology and she teaches courses in Cognitive Development, Classroom Assessment, and Mixed Methods Research.